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Our Planning Process

Client Centered

The BOYER WEALTH MANAGEMENT PROCESS is a wealth advisory program designed to help clients plan for their futures. Many for the first time have a way to track or measure their progress, helping them to maintain and improve their lifestyles.

Our success formula is straightforward; we focus on understanding your financial goals then devise strategies in working to get you there. This comprehensive strategy will help you connect your short term needs with your long term personal and financial goals. Our planning methodologies are based on sound financial practices.   We focus on your Personal and individual goals, with consideration for your tolerance for risk.  We offer a sophisticated financial system to track all of your accounts, monitor your plan and improve communication among all of your advisors.

Step 1 The Client Advisor Interview

The first step of our process is the interview. The interview was designed to help uncover your personal and financial goals. We will discuss any concerns you may have and explore the resources you currently hold. The interview will include a thorough explanation of our process, services and fees and any other topic you feel is pertinent to your financial wellbeing.


Step 2 The Plan

Incorporating information from Step 1, we gather and organize all your objectives and current financial information into one consolidated report that is a snapshot of where you are today.  Next, we use sophisticated tools to appraise and analyze the current values of all your assets.  With these current values, we will examine your goals, assets and financial expectations to generate our plan.

Your unique plan will contain a thorough and detailed analysis of what actions are needed in order to help pursue your goals. Your specific plan can include recommendations on how to try to increase your Retirement Income, Asset Allocation, Tax Strategies, Risk Tolerance, Insurance and Savings Plan.

Client Centered

Step 3 Implement and Engage

Implementation of your Plan begins with a review of your resources, goals and our specific recommendations.

Details of our recommendations are provided to you in two ways; in a comprehensive written report and online through your own secure private website.  In your financial homepage you can view everything about your financial and estate plan at any time, from any place.  Access to your homepage is password protected in a highly secure encrypted web address, accessible only to you and our advisor team. 

We can also digitally store your personal documents such as Wills, Trusts, Deeds, Tax Returns, Insurance Policies, etc. in your private encrypted vault, so you and your family can have instant access to your important papers. 


Step 4 Progress Report

Once our team puts your plan into action, powerful analysis engines continually monitor, update and analyze changes in your account to help ensure you are always on target towards your objectives.  

To ensure accuracy our system automatically updates your account balances every day. We will provide you unbiased and ongoing advice to navigate today’s complex financial landscape. The financial planning system we utilize is dynamic.  We provide you with a “LIVE” financial plan.  If any account moves outside of our preset target thresholds we will be automatically notified.  No surprises for you, or us.  We use remote collaboration software that enables you to work with all of your financial advisors online and in real time even if they are in different locations. Together we aim to help you manage all your financial affairs in one place.