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Women Building Wealth

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Boyer Wealth Management’s Women Building Wealth process is a wealth advisory program designed to help women feel confident about their futures. Many for the first time have a way to plan, track and measure their progress, helping them to confidently maintain and improve their lifestyles.

Our formula is straightforward; we focus on understanding your personal and financial goals, then devise strategies to help get you try to get there. This comprehensive strategy will help you connect your short term needs with your long term goals.

Our Women Building Wealth planning methodologies are based on sound financial practices. We offer a sophisticated financial system to track all of your accounts, monitor your goals and improve communication among all of your advisors.

At Boyer Wealth Management we want you to feel confident with your finances. Our Women Building Wealth process also includes Forums, Seminars and Workshops designed specifically for Women.

Whether you have a Career, a Baby Boomer, Just Married, Recently Divorced or widowed, a Stay at Home Mom – All of us need to Plan accordingly!

  • Longevity – Women tend to live longer than men; which means they need to save more and stretch their Retirement Savings over a longer time frame than men.i
  • Women work fewer years – Women are their families’ primary caregivers; from raising children to helping their elderly parents. On average, women work 12 years less than their male counterparts over their career.ii
  • Employee Benefits – According to a study done in 2015, only 45% of women participate in their employer-sponsored plan.iii Aside from women working fewer years, they also tend to work more part-time jobs than men and are less likely to contribute to employer-sponsored plans.
  • Death or Divorce – At some point in life 90% of Women will be solely responsible for their finances.ivThis could be due to a divorce, which currently the census bureau says will be 40% of all marriagesv, you have never been married or you are a widow. Older women are twice as likely to be single as men. Among women age 65 and older, 60% are single compared to 29% of men, and as women get older, their probability of being single
Client Centered

With these challenges facing Women today, it is more important now than ever to plan for your future.

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